Over the last few weeks I was blessed with several clients who booked an Update Your Look Session. I applauded them because it truly takes a mindset shift to make time for yourself and ask for help. The clients were…

  • Tired of the clothes in their closet
  • Overwhelmed by going through their closet
  • Tired of putting their life on hold for their goal weight
  • Struggling with the clothes in their closet that didn’t fit

Over the years, I have worked with women of all ages and all sizes and no matter what the age or size I have found that women are using clothes to hide some part of their body. Ninety five percent of the time they are also trying to fit into clothes that are a size “x” or get down to “y” weight. I recently found a quote from Mel Robbins, “You are not supposed to ‘fit into’ your clothes. Your clothes are supposed to fit YOU.” that says it all. We try so hard to “fit” into certain clothes and struggle and feel bad when items don’t fit. If you read my blog on Buying the Right Size you would know that there is no sizing standard.

So I my clients, what if…You made a mindset shift and loved the body you have now. I know it sounds crazy but if you learn to love the body you have now you may find…

  • you have more confidence
  • clothes that make you feel amazing
  • that you are worthy

Making a mindset shift can be extremely hard but I believe it’s doable. Day by day, week by week, month by month. You can start a mindset shift today by…

  • speaking kindly to yourself (imagine you are talking to your best friend)
  • letting go of the clothes that don’t fit
  • reminding yourself that you are worthy

Check out the Magic Mirror blog to read more about speaking kindly to yourself. If this resonates with you and/or if you are ready to make time for yourself reach out via email, text, or book a style inspo session.