These last few weeks I have been busy helping clients with closet edits, outfit coordination and personal shopping.  While working with clients on cleaning out their closets I found women were wearing clothes that were way too BIG for them.

One client was wearing a medium but really she was an XS Petite…AND that is not the first time this has happened.   Some clients are wearing a large and really they are a medium. One client thought she was a 12 and really she was an 8/10.

I am curious…Do you do this?  Do you find yourself buying items that are big and blousy on you?

As we venture out and start to wear real clothes again try taking your measurements. Not sure how or what to measure? Check out the measurement blog for tips.  When you go shopping be sure to try on a couple of different sizes in different stores and try different brands. The sizing will likely be different on all of them.  I talk about the crazy sizing issue in another blog (or another day).  If you would like to know your body shape check out the new page with a guide.

The top I have on below is oversized so I make sure to tuck it in when I wear it. I pair it with jeans, skirt, shorts and more. Do you see the difference in the photos between the top tucked in and untucked?

If you are overwhelmed and not sure where to start reach out via email or text!