Discover Your Body Shape

Feel Confident and Empowered

Discover Your Body Shape

Most of my clients have no idea what their measurements are or what their shape is and I am here to tell you – knowing this info can be a game changer.

Why you ask?

Because once you know your shape it will make it so much easier to know what to look for when you shop.

Check out the 4 measurements you need to take and measure yourself. Set aside 5 minutes and use a string or a measuring tape.

Taking Measurements

Measure Your Shoulders

You want to measure at the top of your shoulders where your shoulder blades are

Measure Your Bust

Put the measuring tape around the widest part of your chest (over your nipples)

Measure Your Hips

You want to put the measuring tape around the fullest part of your body
including your bottom

Measure Your Waist

You want to measure the smallest part of your body. This is usually above your belly button

You don’t want the tape to be too tight or too loose.
Finding the right fit for you starts with your measurements.

Which Shape Are You?

Once you have your measurements, you can select your shape:

Remember, everyone is different and you may not fall perfectly into one of these 5 categories

You may also consider:
Now that you have selected your shape you will receive the key to unlocking the secret to your style strategy.
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