I recently listened to a podcast with Natalie Barron called Lead Your Life and one of her guests said that she had a mini mirror in her purse and every once in a while she would pull it out to and speak kindly to herself for a few minutes.

After listening to this I decided that we ALL need a magic mirror. Look into the magic mirror and repeat after me…
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am worthy
I am perfect
I am phenomenal

We ALL need a magic mirror to remind ourselves that we are all of these things. Often times, as women, we strive for perfection. Some women wait to be the perfect size, the perfect weight, for the perfect time, until we can wear the perfect clothes and more. We are waiting to be worthy. In striving and waiting, we forget to be kind, giving, and to put ourselves first.

So often, while working with clients, they sometimes want to hide “x” body part or “y” section. So I remind them they should celebrate and showoff “x” and “y”. I encourage my clients to celebrate all of their body and remind them they are strong and beautiful. I want them to take a daily peek at the magic mirror.

So here is your reminder to get a magic mirror (any mirror can be a magic mirror) and remind yourself you are…

Be the unicorn. Stand out, stand up, have confidence and shine bright.

I work with women who want to feel more confident, show up, and feel empowered. Quite a few women are working with a small part of their closets because their clothes don’t fit, they are tired of wearing the same thing, and/or they are struggling to find things to wear. I can help. Getting dressed doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

I help my clients find new ways to style outfits, organize their closets, coordinate spectacular outfits, as well as shop for new, timeless pieces. Clients go from feeling frustrated to excited about their closets.

If you would like to go from feeling ho-hum to amazing and love the clothes in your closet reach out. Let’s chat. Don’t forget to take a peek at your magic mirror and remind yourself you are beautiful, strong, worthy, perfect, and phenomenal.