elisa ellis

meet the stylist

For close to a decade, Elisa Ellis has been transforming closets and the lives of women in the US and internationally. Her impeccable sense of style is what sets her apart from her peers and her clients can’t get enough of her expertise. Elisa isn’t interested in trends – she is incredibly passionate about helping her clients look and feel their very best in every conceivable situation and she will stop at nothing until she has achieved the perfect look.

Some women see clothes as a vehicle for personal expression. Other women see fashion as just a necessary evil. Then there are the women who get giddy at the thought of finding the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion with the perfect person. Now, with Elisa Ellis, ALL types of women can look confidently exceptional in the way that suits them best.





These are just some of the words that Elisa’s clients use to describe the Turnkey Style experience. Her honest, nurturing approach during moments of great vulnerability are exactly why her clients trust her and have been relying upon her expertise for years.
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