Whether you are a busy mom, wife, an entrepreneur, in management, or corporate using color can be an easy way to make yourself stand out among the crowd.  Lately, on Mondays I wear all one color and have fun with monochromatic Monday.  Putting together an outfit using only one color makes me work to find and use what’s in my closet. I often find old pieces I forgot about when sticking to one color scheme.

When I am working with clients color is an important topic. It’s important to know which colors you are comfortable with, which ones you’re willing to try, and if there are any colors that are an absolute no.

It’s important to take a moment to assess if there are colors you love, find out if there are colors you look and feel good in, if you want to use color to stand out and/or if there are branding colors that are important.

I have some clients that enjoy wearing a few pieces with color, others that love to wear neutral colors, some prefer bright colors, and still others that prefer to wear all black. For me, sticking to one color is an easy way to save time and it can make getting dressed quicker and easier.

Monochromatic dressing can be easy when you have basics and separates that you can easily mix and match.  If you are not sure what those pieces are check out my blog on basics.  Dressing in one color scheme is an easy way to stand out and draw attention without wearing a bright color or print. You can wear a monochromatic outfit using neutral colors like, white, ivory, navy, or camel and it could very well be a great classic look.

Monochromatic outfits can also be very slimming depending on the style of clothes you’re wearing.  Wearing all one color creates a column look which may help you appear slimmer and taller.

Our image can affect our confidence – the way we think, act, and feel as well as the way others perceive and react to us.  I encourage my clients to explore a variety of colors and styles and help them find ways to dress so they have more confidence and connection to their best self. If you are looking for a change reach out. I am here to help.