Our air conditioner went out last night and I didn’t sleep well.  As a result, I got up late and was rushing to get ready and the saving grace was I have lots of basic pieces, or essentials I like to call them, so getting dressed is quick and easy for me.  All I needed to do was pick a bottom, a top, and add jewels.

Having key basic pieces that fit the body you have now, instead of one offs that you never wear, makes it easier and quicker to get dressed. 

I’ve had these white jeans for years, they are a basic piece for me, and I am able to mix and match them with t-shirts, tanks, all my solid colored tops as well as with most prints, lightweight sweaters and blazers.  

My top is also a basic piece that I can mix and match with several bottoms like jeans, slacks, shorts and skirts and I can wear it year round. Having tops in solid colors that work year round can make a big difference. 

It can be quicker and easier to get dressed when you have the right basic pieces that fit the body you have now. I like to suggest at least three bottoms (jeans, pants, skirts), three tops (blouses, t-shirts, button-down), and three layering pieces (jacket, blazer, cardigan) that are a similar color scheme or have the same colors running through them. You pick what works for you. It could be neutrals, prints, whatever works for you. When you have these basics or essential pieces it can be a game changer.

After working with me, this is a key win for my clients. They have a closet full of clothes they love and only have pieces that fit. They also know which basics:

they need

fit their lifestyle

work together so they can get dressed quickly and easily 

Do you have the right basics and essentials in your closet?  Do you love the clothes in your closet and do they fit?  Do you feel stylish and put together? Is it quick and easy for you to get dressed every day?

If not, feel free to reach out. I am here to help.