The easiest way to save money on clothes is to only buy what you “need” vs what you want.  Determining what you “need” vs what you want can be challenging but if saving money on clothes is a priority for you I highly suggest you set a budget for your wardrobe. It can be a weekly, monthly or quarterly budget but having money set aside will make it that much easier when it’s time to shop. Having a budget helps save you money on clothes because you know what you have to spend (and what you don’t)…AND it will also allow you to see if you have any wiggle room to splurge on investment pieces once a month, once a season, or once a year.

Once you have a budget in place, assess what you already have in your closet, and think about which pieces might expand your wardrobe. To make things easier, think of your wardrobe in groups: tops, bottoms, layering pieces, and accessories and see what’s missing.  You want to make a list of what’s missing in each category and those are the pieces you shop for. When you purchase only what you need you save money on clothes in the long run.

For example, a client had an olive colored skirt and an olive colored utility jacket so we added a top, with a small print, that had some olive and a few other colors in it. Now, my client can wear this one top with the olive pieces, along with the navy, white and cream pieces in her wardrobe and she has at least ten new outfits.  Having an item that goes with multiple outfits expands your wardrobe and can help you save money on clothes. You can also expand your wardrobe by adding a layering piece like a utility jacket, a blazer or cardigan or by adding an accessory, like a necklace that changes the focal point of the outfit.

When you have a budget in place and know which pieces you need to add you can find stores that fit within your budget and sign up for their newsletter. Typically, once you sign up for the newsletter the company will send you a coupon code. This is a great way to purchase a couple of items on sale. If you’re not ready to buy, do a search and put the items you need in your cart (while logged in). Once the items go on sale the company will typically email you and let you know they’re on sale.

You can also save money on clothes if you purchase items that work in more than one season. For example, a lightweight top you can wear in the spring or summer and then layer with a cardigan or jacket in the fall. Lastly, a great way to save money when purchasing clothes is to make sure it will work with two or three outfits already in your closet.

If you’re not sure when to spend more on quality pieces check out the blog “How do you know when to spend more?” or reach out. I am always here to help.