How do you know when to spend more on a quality piece? It’s a really good idea to ask yourself a few questions before you decide to invest in a quality piece. 

  • Is it good quality?
  • Do I love it?
  • Can I wear it year round?
  • Does it fit properly?
  • Can I mix and match it with pieces I already own?
  • Is it a neutral color?

If you can answer yes to three or more of these questions then this is a piece that you could be wearing year after year and it’s worth the investment. 

  • YOU are worth it! 
  • YOU are allowed to look good & feel good!
  • YOU are allowed to spend money on yourself!

I say it’s an investment because it’s a piece you will be wearing over and over again. If you divide the total price by the number of times you will likely wear it it makes it very worthwhile. This is a piece that you can keep in your closet for at least 1 to 2 years. 

Now having said all that there is a different process when purchasing a piece that you may spend less than $50 on. Think about what it will look like after a few washes (the color may fade) and it may or may not work for more than one season (a few months).  It could be a cute top you buy for $20 and it’s great for a few months and then it’s done. You should still think about what it goes with and if you love it…If it makes you smile then go for it.