I am all about embracing and loving your body as it is however, after working together, several clients mentioned that people asked if they had lost weight. The reality is they hadn’t lost a pound but because they were wearing clothes that fit their bodies they appeared slimmer.  Plus, when you look good and feel good you find new confidence and shine. If you want to look slimmer without losing a pound here are some simple steps I encourage my clients to take.

  • Look slimmer without losing a pound by wearing the right size. I know it seems like a no brainer but women tend to buy clothes that are way too big. When women gain weight they hide their bodies with loose fitting clothes, like long tops that go past the crotch area and baggy sweaters that add volume and hide the body. These types of clothes make you appear shapeless. Wearing the correct size will help you look slimmer. 
  • Look slimmer without losing a pound by wearing a peplum or wrap style top. Everyone is a different shape; apple, pear, triangle, rectangle, but no matter what your shape is you want to create balance and the illusion of a waist. These tops can help you create and define your waist and in doing so can help you appear slimmer. Don’t know your shape? Check out the Know Your Body Shape resource.
  • Look slimmer without losing a pound by wearing a belt and tucking in your shirt (in the front or on the side). Sounds crazy, but wearing a belt will help define and show off your waist which in turn can help you appear slimmer. I know it seems counterintuitive, but when you define your waist it can help create balance between the top half and bottom of your body and it can help you appear slimmer. Not sure how to wear a belt? Check out the How to Wear Belts blog.

No matter what your shape or size is you want to strive for balance between your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. When you show off your shape and create new focal points you can completely update and change your look. 

Keep in mind, we come in all different shapes and sizes and everyone has their own insecurities and body issues that they cope with every day. These tips are to help you look and feel more confident and have worked well for my clients. If you feel as though you need a different approach or if you have questions please feel free to reach out. 

Want to know where to buy the best wrap dresses or learn what a peplum top is? Get in touch! I would love to show you where to shop, when to splurge, how to save and how to capture and display your own personal style!