I recently came across an article in Forbes titled “Why Authenticity Is Now The Most Important Asset A Company Can Possess. “The article said that brands and companies could differentiate themselves from the crowd by being “as authentic as possible.”

Trust is one of the most critical aspects of business today. Being authentic and showing up authentically can be an easy way to build trust. What does that mean, you ask? You can start with your style and how you’re showing up.

Do you know…

  • what is your style?
  • what feels authentic to you?
  • what clothes make you feel empowered?

My mom shopped for me in middle school at a local woman’s boutique. Imagine being an awkward teenager who wore fancy blouses with bows and skirts instead of the trending OP shorts, graphic tees, and sneakers. While it felt uncomfortable at the time, and I know my mother meant well, those experiences helped shape my understanding of authenticity. What’s more important, is I now know what I like, love, and would never wear.

After working with clients for years, it’s clear when someone wears outfits and pieces, they don’t feel authentic. For example, they often make themselves small, shrink in on themselves or futz with their clothes, and it’s very apparent they’re not confident. When you wear clothes that you feel authentic in, you exude confidence, feel empowered, and will oftentimes stand taller and take up more space. It’s a domino effect that can touch every aspect of our lives.

Finding your authentic style is about what feels true to you with where you’re at now. For example, you may not be the same person you were two years ago, three years ago, or five years ago, and yet we sometimes hang onto pieces from ten years ago because we “might” fit in them again. It’s important to remember that we change and evolve, so the style that worked for you ten years ago may or may not work for you now.

When you have the right pieces in your closet, like a capsule wardrobe, it can make it quick and easy to get dressed. For example, picture this: a closet filled with ten, fifteen, or twenty pieces that perfectly align with your authentic style that you can use to create thirty, forty, or fifty different outfits. An actual capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of essential items that simplifies your daily routine and empowers you to embrace your unique style effortlessly.

In contrast, a wardrobe lacking these essential pieces can lead to the daily struggle of finding the right outfit. The absence of a capsule wardrobe might make getting dressed seem daunting, leaving you feeling frumpy and uninspired.

Investing time in curating a capsule wardrobe tailored to your authentic style is a game-changer. It transforms your approach to fashion, making getting dressed a breeze and boosting your confidence. Remember, your wardrobe reflects your authentic self, and the right pieces can elevate your style and empower you in every aspect of your life.

You can start to find your authentic style by looking at Pinterest boards, shopping at new stores, or trying on new pieces in multiple colors and styles. You can also call, text, or send me an email and ask for help. I work with women to help find their authentic style, find pieces that fit their current body, and are within their budget so they feel stylish and put together. Reach out. I am here to help.