In the last month, several women reached out and two in particular had the same request … “I want to look stylish and professional AND be comfortable.” 

One client was going to be traveling out of the country for two weeks and another needed new outfit ideas because she was tired of wearing a t-shirt and leggings.

I helped the first client put together a capsule wardrobe with thirteen pieces that worked together to make over fifty plus outfits. The tops were a mix of solids and prints made of cotton, rayon, and viscose.  The bottoms were a mix of Ponte knit, cotton, and denim and the layering pieces were also cotton and Ponte knit. My client was able to easily put together outfits for her trip abroad as well as outfits for her busy life as an exec, wife, and mom.  She was especially excited that I was able to find her pieces in breathable fabrics that allowed her to look stylish and be comfortable.

The second client didn’t need new clothes, per se, but she needed help going through her closet to figure out what fit, literally and figuratively, and she needed ideas for new outfits.  While going through the clients closet we found pieces that were forgotten and found ways to put new outfits together using what she had.  In the long run, she saved money because she realized she didn’t need new clothes and she found she could look stylish and be comfortable. S0me easy outfit examples were mixing cotton utility pants with a t-shirt and blazer, pairing white jeans with a sleeveless top and layering with a long cardigan.

In both cases my clients …

  • received compliments
  • felt more confident
  • were excited to get dressed again

Dreams do come true! You can look stylish and be comfortable.  If you’re ready to make a change please reach out. I am here to help.