I recently traveled to Austin, Texas for a speaking engagement and after the event I had a few hours to myself so I decided to stop by a local Talbots to see if I could find something for a client. To my surprise, I actually found a few things for myself so I wanted to share why I am loving Talbots right now. 

Upon entering the store the sales ladies were quick to greet me and ask if I needed help finding anything. You might think, well of course, but I have found that in today’s environment customer service has gone by the wayside and I am rarely greeted when I enter a store, much less asked if I need help finding anything. 

One big reason I am loving Talbots right now is the selection of sizes and styles available in store. Typically, stores only carry a few sizes, like 4, 6, 8 or 10 in a particular style but what I found at Talbots was a variety of styles available in sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16, in addition to the typical sizes.  This was a welcome surprise because many women struggle to try on items when shopping because they are unable to find pieces in their size.

Not only did this particular Talbots store carry a variety of sizes, they also had a really great selection of styles. While I was at Talbots, I was able to try on four different types of pants in varying lengths, colors, fabrics, and styles.  For a gal who is a size 16 this is unheard of and it’s a big reason why I am loving Talbots right now.  In addition to carrying a wide selection in the store they also carry a great variety of items in petite, plus and petite plus online. I ended up purchasing a pair of pants, a dress, and two tops.

For years, I felt as though Talbots made clothes for women that were “older,” whatever that means, and while I am “older” now myself I feel like the products Talbots is bringing to market are more youthful, fun, and age appropriate for women aged forty and beyond. I hear from women, who are forty and older, who feel as though they have been forgotten. When they shop, they find clothes for women that are for “younger” and clothes for women who are their “moms” age but nothing for themselves the “in between” age.  If you haven’t visited a Talbots in awhile you might want to check them out.  

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