If you closed your eyes and thought about the clothes in your closet, can you immediately imagine the pieces that fit perfectly? Can you picture the pieces that do not fit? Let’s talk about those for a moment, shall we? Has the pandemic changed the way you wear clothes these days? How long has it been since you put on a piece of clothing with a button or a zipper? Are jeans punishment at this point?

The fact is, there are hundreds if not thousands of people all over the world that have been wearing lounge wear every day, for months. So many of us have been stuck at home and our lifestyles have changed dramatically. With nowhere to go, it’s as if there is no reason for many to get dressed in the morning. At least not dressed into anything that doesn’t stretch!

I have girlfriends who have been wearing leggings and sweatshirts for days…weeks… months. Heck, even my kid and husband have been wearing their sweats more often than not.

As we slowly come out of our homes and our lifestyles change yet again, it’s a good time to start going through your closet. It’s time to start trying your clothes on again.

Let’s be honest-

  • Some of us have lost weight
  • Some of us have gained weight
  • Some of us have maintained our weight

No matter which boat you’re in, remember to be kind to yourself. BUT you also need to be realistic. If you have lost weight and need a new size, you have my permission to go and treat yourself to a new item!! You made it through a pandemic – you earned it. If you gained weight and some pieces don’t fit, give yourself grace and buy one or two basic items to get you through the next few weeks/months as you ease back into your schedule. A pair of pants with some give (spandex) or a skirt with some elastic. Important Tip: If you have plans to get fit give yourself a deadline. After the deadline restart the process and see what fits.

Do you need help starting the process? Would some expert closet auditing be super helpful right now? Or would you like someone to go shopping with? I am here!! Reach out

Let’s have a style strategy session and together we can give you the closet confidence that you deserve!

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