Most of my clients have no idea what their body shape is or what their measurements are and I am here to tell you that knowing what your body shape is can be a game changer.

Do you know your body shape and why it matters? Once you know your body shape it can make it so much easier to buy the right clothes to show off your shape and help you look good, feel good, and have confidence. When you know what to look for based on your body shape it gives you a starting point when shopping.

Everyone is different and you may not fall perfectly into one of these 5 categories but once you have your measurements you can learn if your body shape is an:

Apple – Hips and shoulders are similar with little or less of a defined waist (curvy)

Pear – Hips are broader than your shoulders
Inverted Triangle – Shoulders are broader than your hips
Rectangle – Shoulders and hips are uniform and/or you have a fairly straight/athletic build
Hourglass – Hips and shoulder measurements are balanced and you have a defined waist

You also might ask but what if I am petite and/or plus size?

No worries, I got you covered. When you check out the Discover Your Body Shape page you can check the petite and/or plus size box to receive a list of what will work for you and your body shape. Once you have that valuable info you can use it while shopping for the perfect clothes for your body shape.

If you’re still wondering why you should know your body shape here are a few examples or how it can help when looking for what to buy. If you’re an hourglass body shape you might want to look for a peplum style top or a top with a v-neck but if you’re a pear you might want to start with a boat neck style top. If you’re an inverted triangle body shape you can try a baggy style of jeans or a cropped wide leg to balance out your body shape but if you’re a rectangle shape you might try straight jeans or pants on the “flowy” side.

Set aside 5 minutes and check out the blog on the four measurements you need to find out what’s your body shape. You can use a string or a measuring tape and once you’ve got them you can go to the Discover Your Body Shape page to receive a list of what will work for you!

As always, if you’re not sure where to start reach out. I am always here to help.