When you shop for clothes do you go with a list and/or in search of certain colors? I have found that when I am shopping I specifically search for items with color. Sometimes it’s neutrals like ivory, navy, or olive and sometimes it’s for a bright pop of color like pink or red.  On a recent shopping trip, I found a great new pair of Maeve pants in olive at Anthropologie. I loved how the pants fit and felt and I knew I had a few items I could pair them with in my closet. A few of my clients have asked about what to wear with olive so I thought I would share how I mix and match them with pieces in my closet.

When putting together a capsule wardrobe, I find it’s easier to mix and match pieces when you have a variety of pieces in neutral colors, like olive. Olive happens to be one of my favorite neutral colors because you can wear it year round. When thinking about what to wear with olive, I decided to put together three casual outfits as well as three more professional outfits.

Here is what I am wearing with my new olive pants from Anthropologie:

The possibilities are endless but when you’re not sure what to wear with olive think about other neutrals, like black, navy, and ivory as well as bright colors like purple.  You can also wear olive with prints or navy stripes.

There are so many ways to wear olive year round and it’s definitely a color you can wear to help you transition some of your summer pieces to fall. If you need help finding new pieces or mixing and matching your current outfits feel free to reach out. I am here to help.

You can also see the other ways I wore the olive pants on Instagram.