I was recently on a podcast for YesICanLiving, and the host asked me what were my top three wardrobe essentials? Must haves pieces! 

Honestly, I think you need at least five wardrobe essentials to start with: 

Pick wardrobe essentials that work for you and your lifestyle. I noted an option of a blazer or cardigan because it depends on your lifestyle. If you’re in corporate or go to an office every day you may likely get more use out of a blazer than a cardigan. On the other hand, if work from home and prefer a more casual look a cardigan may work better for you. 

The same can be said for a skirt, a pair or slacks, or a dark wash pair of jeans. I have clients that will not wear skirts and others that prefer skirts over slacks. I encourage my clients to find wardrobe essentials that work for them and their lifestyle. 

You also want to choose versatile wardrobe essentials that will work for different types of events and occasions as well as pieces that you can easily mix and match. You also may want to think about choosing wardrobe essentials that are more business professional so you will never find yourself underdressed. If you decide to choose wardrobe essentials on the more casual side you may find that you need to purchase one off pieces to fill in depending on the event or occasion. 

For example, a wardrobe essential is a little black dress that will work for most formal events or you can pick a more casual dress that you can wear every day and then dress up when needed. You may find that you want to have two dresses. Pick the wardrobe essentials that work for your lifestyle.  A print blouse will give you more options than a solid one but not everyone is comfortable in prints. 

If you’re still not sure which wardrobe essentials you need or are overwhelmed by the choices reach out and let’s chat. I am here to help, in person or virtually.  I look forward to helping you find wardrobe essentials that you feel confident in.