In the last quarter of 2022, I noticed the shoe brand Vivaia was everywhere on social media. Then in January of 2023 I was gifted a pair of Vivaia flats and boots so I wanted to share a Vivaia review. As always, I share and give honest reviews of items that I have tried, use, and love.

I was gifted a pair of Vivaia Minnie Pointy-Toe Everyday Flats in Nutmeg and they have become my go to flats to wear. I am able to pair the Minnie Pointy-Toe Flats with jeans, slacks, or a skirt and because I opted for a neutral color they go with almost everything in my closet.  If you are in-between sizes and/or have a wider foot I recommend sizing up in this brand.

Sometimes you have to wear a shoe a few times before they are comfortable but the Vivaia Minnie Pointy-Toe Flats worked for me right out of the box.  They are comfortable and stylish and I love that they have a low heel and offer some support. I was also really surprised to learn the shoes are made from plastic bottles and I greatly appreciate that they have an anti slip rubber.

Vivaia also gifted me a pair of Regina Square Toe Water Repellent Booties in Chocolate and I am in LOVE!  I have always struggled to find booties or boots that fit properly. Since I have a high arch putting my foot in the bootie is always challenging and most often unattainable. Until now!

Honestly, I was skeptical about the Regina Square Toe Booties but I was happily surprised at how easily they went on. The Regina Square Toe Booties are made of a breathable material and the neck of the bootie is stretchy so it easily goes on as a sock would.  Plus these booties are water repellent and come in a plethora of colors.

The Vivaia Regina Square Toe booties also have an anti-slip rubber outsole, a low and stylish heel, they are light-weight and I am able to pair them with jeans and pants.

Vivaia has a number of different styles available like wedges, heels, tall boots and more so if you are looking for a go to pair of comfortable shoes be sure to check out the wide selection at Vivaia. You can use code: VIVAIA11 for 10% off.