Have you ever gotten all dressed up, ready to conquer the day, and then, as you pass by a mirror, self-doubt starts to creep in? Suddenly, you find yourself criticizing and scrutinizing every inch of your appearance, focusing on your perceived flaws like your stomach, bottom, or arms. Before you know it, a wave of negativity crashes over you, and your confidence sinks, making you question your outfit choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, in management, or c-suite, it happens to most.

What if we flipped the negative self-talk script on these moments of self-doubt? Instead of letting negative self-talk consume you, what if you turned the opportunity into one of positivity and self-confidence? When you show up authentically and with confidence you’re more likely to speak up, share your ideas, collaborate and lead better.

Last week, as I tried on a new dress, I found myself criticizing ALL the things. I caught myself in the moment and stopped. Here are three simple steps you can use to transform the negative self-talk into positive self-confidence moments:

  1. Give Yourself a High Five: Just like Mel Robbins encourages, acknowledge yourself with a high five. Celebrate you and all your accomplishments. You deserve recognition for showing up and expressing yourself through your style. You got this.
  2. Strike a Superwoman/Superhero Pose: Channel your inner superhero and strike a power pose. Stand tall, take up space, and embody confidence. Research shows that striking a superhero pose, or expansive postures, can boost feelings of empowerment and self-assurance. So, take a moment, breathe, embrace your strength, and radiate confidence from within.
  3. Affirm Your Awesomeness: Yes, you read that right. Remind yourself of your worth and capabilities. You are a rockstar. Pretend you are talking to your girlfriend, kid, or co-worker, and instead of focusing on your flaws, shift your mindset and recognize your amazing qualities. Repeat after me, “I am Awesome, Amazing, Worthy, Enough, Strong, One of a kind, Marvelous, and Extraordinary.” Focus on the positive affirmations and your self-confidence. 

Remember, you have the power to shape your self-perception. I know you may have heard this before, and you may think it’s silly, but when you choose to practice self-love and embrace positivity, you can cultivate a mindset of confidence and empowerment. As a leader, parent, or friend, how you show up affects those around you.

So, the next time you find yourself facing a mirror and battling negative thoughts, choose to see yourself through a lens of kindness and appreciation. Pretend you are your best friend. What would they say? You are worthy, you are enough, and you’ve got this. Whatever body part you think people are looking at, they are not. People are looking at your face, your smile, your eyes. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you showed up to an event, saw a friend, and focused on their flabby arms or tummy? I bet your answer was “never.”

I hope you have a week filled with self-confidence, positivity, and endless possibilities. You are capable of achieving greatness, so go out there and shine bright.