Have you ever looked at an outfit online, in a store, or on a mannequin and they were smaller than you or a different shape and said something like…”that looks great on them but would never work for me.”

I will admit that I have thought it and said it before but here is the thing… the outfit could actually look AMAZING on YOU!  We automatically assume it either won’t fit, won’t work for our body shape, and/or won’t look good on us. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

I want to challenge you to change the narrative of what you say to yourself.  Instead of telling yourself “that won’t look good on me” repeat after me “I can totally rock that” or “I’m ready to try something new.”

What do you have to lose?  If I am being honest, you might lose a little money on shipping, if you decide to send it back, but what if the outfit works and looks fabulous on you!?

I get it. I really do. I recently saw this yellow dress from M.M. LaFleur and I saw the dress on the model and thought it was highly unlikely it would work for me and my body but I loved the yellow so I figured I had to at least try something new.

Guess what!? I love it and I think it looks great but the best part is I feel amazing in it and I can make several different outfits with it.

So next time you see an outfit on a model or mannequin and think “that” would never work for me…I want you to challenge the narrative of what you say to yourself and go for it! Time to try something new.

Style is not a size.

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