When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? I know some of us have been home for months, and some are working and some are not but treating yourself doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. “Treating” yourself to something special means different things to different people.

Perhaps it’s a night out with girlfriends, your significant other, or taking a day trip. Maybe treating yourself means buying a luxurious candle, a special lotion, or a book you’ve had your eye on. Whatever that special something is, how long has it been since you made time to treat yourself?

Recently, I was watching a tv show and I noticed one of the characters had a gorgeous handbag. Personally, I love a good bag so I decided to look it up and while it was gorgeous I decided not to purchase due to the price. I went back and forth about buying something for myself and ultimately decided not to treat myself because of the price.

I mentioned this story to a couple of friends and they asked me why I didn’t treat myself? In fact, one of my friends shared that she makes time to treat herself once a quarter.  Then it hit me, if any of my friends needed something I would buy it in a heartbeat. If either of my sons wanted/needed something I would not hesitate to purchase the item (whatever it was). Honestly, if any family or friend came to me and mentioned they needed something I would likely purchase it without a second thought and yet I couldn’t bring myself to treat myself. Why is that? Often times we wait until we feel we have lost weight or are a size “x” and then we will feel as though we are worthy. I am here to remind you, you are worthy, no matter what your weight or size!

As women, we often put ourselves last on the list or leave ourselves off the list entirely.  My friends responses were a great reminder to put myself back on a list and to treat myself. I may not purchase the bag but next time I find myself contemplating I am going to treat myself.

How will you treat yourself?