In SoCal we really don’t have four seasons.  We transition from sunny to sunnier to more sun and then to some cooler weather with clouds and the occasional rain drops.

It can be tough to transition from summer to fall when the weather goes from 65/70 degrees to 80 degrees in one day.

When you live in a place where the weather hasn’t change drastically, one easy way to transition some summer wardrobe pieces is to take your tank tops, shells, or lightweight tees or tops and add a short cardigan, layer with a long sweater cardigan, or add a jacket. You can also easily transition from sandals and sneakers to flats, boots, or booties.

As we ease into the cooler temps at the end the year in SoCal my favorite way to transition some of my summer tops is to add a short cotton cardigan. I keep a few on hand in a couple of colors along with a few variations of longer cashmere cardigan sweaters to layer with some of my basic shells.  It makes it easy if you have pieces that are “fallish” colors like black, brown, burgundy, camel or navy.

How do you transition your summer pieces to fall?