Did you know the average woman spends fourteen to sixteen minutes deciding what to wear? That’s not how much time it takes to get dressed but how long it takes to decide what to wear. Do you spend more or less time deciding what to wear?  No matter how long it takes I thought I would share three tips to save time getting dressed.

You can save time getting dressed by letting go of clothes that don’t fit, that are uncomfortable, and are no longer your style, even if they fit. It is way more challenging to get dressed and adds time to your routine when you have items in your closet that don’t work for you. For example, you go to put on the black pants but they are too small, faded, pilled, or maybe they are itchy so you put them back and need to find something else to wear instead. You go to put on a top but it’s ill fitting and you feel frumpy or blah so you take it off and put it back in the closet. You will save time getting dressed if you take thirty minutes a day, a week, or every month, and let go of what’s not working for you. Instead of putting the ill fitting items back in the closet, save yourself time by putting the items in a donate bag and put what you need on a list to purchase so you can add it to your wardrobe when you have the budget.

If you organize your clothes by type and then by color in each category it will save you time getting dressed. It is really easy to find what you’re looking for and will cuts down on the time you spend looking for what you want to wear when your clothes are grouped by category and then by color.  For example, you want to have all the short sleeve tops together and sorted by color, all the long sleeve tops together and sorted by color, all your skirts together, and so on.

Spend ten to fifteen minutes one day a week planning what you’re going to wear for the week and you will save time getting dressed. When your outfits are already planned and ready to go it can save you up to an hour a week. Think about mixing and matching new pieces or sticking to one color scheme.

Two more bonus tips to save time getting dressed are to put items used most in an easily accessible spot and rotate depending on season.  If it’s spring and summer put your short sleeve, lightweight items, and sandals or espadrilles front and center.  In the fall and winter move your boots and heavier weight fabrics to where they will be easy to reach. Lastly, remove items from the dry cleaning bags, if any. When you keep items in a dry cleaning bag it makes it more challenging to find what you’re looking for and the bag traps in moisture and odors, neither of which are good for your clothes.

If you need help or have questions feel free to reach out. I am  here to help.