Are you comfortable mixing patterns and prints? I used to never mix prints and patterns and then I learned a few rules of the road to make it easier.  As you put together any outfit it’s about comfort and confidence so here are some rules of the road, so to speak, as a guide to mix prints and patterns.

The easiest way to mix prints and patterns is to start with similar patterns in a similar color. For example, you could mix and match a small check print with a large check print in the same color.  Another example would be different size polka dots within the same color scheme

You can also try to mix a plaid print with a circular print that has similar color scheme. For example, mix and match a tweed tan, navy and green blazer with a navy blouse with green running through it or a print blouse with navy and green.  

Men mix and match prints and patterns all the time when they mix a patterned top with a suit jacket and different colored print/pattern tie. 

You can try mixing a small floral print and plaid pattern combination that have the same colors in both pieces. For example, a small floral print on a navy blouse paired with a plaid blazer with navy as well. 

Today, I am wearing a white top with black hearts and I paired it with a snake patterned belt that has similar colors, white and black. 

If you have two pieces with different colors then try keeping the print the same pattern, for example, a plaid with a plaid or polka dot with polka dots. 

You can also go beyond clothes and try mixing prints and patterns with small accessories like a scarf, belt or shoe. It might be challenging at first but the most important part of learning how to mix prints and patterns is how you feel when the outfit is put together. Are you confident? Do you feel amazing? If the answer is yes then you are good. 

If you need help or questions feel free to reach out. I am here for you.