How do you know if it’s time for a new bra? There are quite a few reasons it might be time for a new bra but here are my top three reasons.

Have you lost or gained weight over the last year? If the answer is yes, whether you kept the weight off or gained it back, it might be time for a new bra. Your bra size can change when you experience any type of change in weight.  Also keep in mind that when you start a new exercise routine your body mass may change which means it may be time for a new bra.  Even though your body weight may be the same your new exercise routine can have an affect on your body that you haven’t noticed.

As you age your breast size and shape may change and it’s normal for breasts to puddle, sag, and or change in density which can drastically change the fit of a bra. For this reason alone, it might be time for a new bra if it’s been more than a year since you purchased your last bra. When I went for a bra fitting I learned that it’s not uncommon to have two different size breasts.

Perhaps you’ve simply noticed that the way your bra fits has changed. For example, maybe you noticed that you reached the third set of notches on your bra band, or maybe the band is riding high on your back.  I noticed recently that my cups were gaping and there was too much space. You might notice the same issue or perhaps your breasts are spilling over the cups. These are just a few reasons it might be time for a new bra. How often you wear your bras, as well as how often and how you wash your bras can determine how often you should purchase a new one.

You should have a minimum of two bras and should try to alternate wearing them every other day. If you have two bras and are alternate wearing them they can last approximately 9 months to a year (yes, 9 months).  After that the elastic starts to wane and everything may start to sag and/or not fit properly.  If you have three to four bras and are alternating wearing them they could last longer than year to eighteen months. No matter how many bras you have, the reality is that as we age and our bodies change, so it’s a good idea to measure yourself at least once a year.

It might also be time for a new bra if you have ill fitting straps, that are loose or digging into you, if the underwire doesn’t lie flat against your chest, or if you have an underwire popping out.  If you can relate to any of these examples it’s time for a new bra.

I recently purchased several new bras and I was surprised in the difference in fit between my new bra and my old saggy bra. I realized I started to stand taller and sit up straighter because I had the support I needed. I clearly waited to long and share this because I want you to know you’re not alone.  This is what I do and even I fall behind and don’t do what I know I need to do when I need to do it. LOL! I am human, I put it off and the “buy new bras” note on my to do list languished away for weeks.

Getting fitted for a new bra can be a fun for some and extremely unpleasant for others. No matter which group you’re in it’s important to make time for yourself. If you prefer to measure yourself at home check out my “Find Your Fit” bra book and let me know what you think.

Reach out for help if you questions. I am always here to help.