I work with clients from all walks of life. They are entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives and one of the most common questions I am asked is “how can I dress so I feel more powerful?”  My clients want to know how to show up like they own the place.

When I share that how you show up matters I typically get a smattering of smirks but there are actual studies that show what you wear matters.  The Journal of Experimental Psychology, published that when “participants wore formal business attire they were more likely to have higher levels of abstract thinking compared to those who wore casual clothing. The authors suggested that the formality of the clothing may have activated a sense of power and authority, leading to more abstract thinking.”

What do you wear to show up more powerfully? If you have been following along you know that I will start off by sharing that you should absolutely wear an outfit that you feel confident in. After years of working with clients what I know is that there is a huge difference when you wear something that makes you feel confident.  When you wear something you feel confident in you are more likely to stand taller and take up more space vs if you wear something that doesn’t fit.

The second tip to feeling more powerful and show up like you own the place is to wear an outfit that feels authentic to you. What pieces do you have in your closet that you feel AMAZING in? Maybe you feel amazing and stand a little taller when you wear slacks and a blouse, maybe you know you will “knock it out of the park” anytime you wear a red dress or navy suit. If you don’t have any of those pieces in your closet it’s time to go find them. When you wear outfits that are authentic in you are more likely to show up like you own the place.  Alternatively, when you wear something that isn’t “you” or is inauthentic you will likely end up fidgeting, looking uncomfortable, and not feel confident. Again, if you don’t have anything then it’s time to try on new pieces and styles until you find outfits that you love and you feel AMAZING in.

The last tip to feel more powerful and show up like you own the place is to wear an outfit that is well fitted and has clean lines. This is really two tips in one but it has been found that straight lines can have a psychological effect and send the message that you are strong, formal, forceful, and more. The psychological effect of wearing items that have curved or flowing lines sends the message that you are gentle, fragile, or soft.

No matter what field you are in, when you build a wardrobe that projects confidence and a powerful presence it may actually help increase productivity and help you stand out which can then lead to attracting more clients, creating greater awareness, and having more influence.

If you need help creating a wardrobe you love that helps you show up like you own the place reach out. I am here to help.