Do you own a Moto jacket?

I will admit that until last month I didn’t have one in my closet and I didn’t think I needed one. Until I tried one on and it fit perfectly! It’s definitely an item of clothing that can be added to your wardrobe and worn year round.

Recently a friend came to visit and we tried on a couple of blazer type jackets and all of them felt too long or too mature looking for her age.  I suggested she think about a Moto jacket but she felt like it was too “young” looking and not her style. Sometimes even though the article of clothing might be the perfect fit for your body but if you’re not comfortable wearing it then you will project that aura of feeling uncomfortable.

I always suggest to clients that they’re comfortable and confident in what they’re wearing and then the confidence is what they will project. 

My friend ended up going home and buying a Moto jacket at a local store.  She told me she found one that fit her perfectly and by the time she got home she had gotten used to the idea of having one. The best part was she was able to find other items in her closet that she could mix or match with her new jacket. Finding a piece of clothing that coordinates with items you currently have really expands your wardrobe exponentially.

You can wear a Moto jacket as a great layering piece with a shell, tank top, t-shirt, a sweater, and more! Think about adding one to your closet next time you’re out shopping.