An easy way to upgrade any outfit is to add a blazer. What kind of blazer you ask?

Take your pick. You can choose a short, long or cropped blazer, a double breasted one or single button one. You can choose a heavy wool one or a light-weight linen or cotton one. The list of choices goes on and on depending on your style and need.

Why a blazer you ask? A good blazer can be an essential piece in your wardrobe that you can mix and match with almost anything. You can add a blazer to a dress, pair it with jeans, put it over a shell, a sweater, a graphic tee. It’s a piece that can dress up or down your outfit and/or pull it all together.

A blazer can also allow you the freedom to wear a shell top if you prefer to have your arms covered or hide your muffin top if the tops and/or bottoms you’re wearing are a little snug.

Where to start? How to pick one? Here are some simple guidelines.

  • Decide on the type of fabric you’re looking for. Are you looking for wool, cotton, linen, or a Ponte knit? Wool is heavier and you would wear it in cooler weather. Cotton and/or linen are more light weight and can be worn year round depending on where you live. Ponte is a knit that has some give to it and you can find it in a light weight or heavier weight.
  • Start off simple. You want to look for a single button blazer and be sure to check the length when you try it on (or order). You don’t want something that’s going to over power your body. What’s standard length you ask? The bottom of it should hit at your hip or slightly above. You may have to play with sizing to find the right fit for you if you are on the petite side or taller side.
  • Start with a basic color like black, navy, or camel. When deciding on a basic color you want to be sure you pick one that will easily pair with pieces that are already in your closet. If you have navy pants, jeans or a denim skirt you might want to start with navy or camel. If you already have a camel skirt or khaki slacks you could pick black, navy, or camel. You want to make the most of your purchase so be sure you early mix and match your new blazer with multiple outfits in your wardrobe.

Have a blazer and not sure what to do with it? Reach out! I am happy to help.