Throughout the pandemic, I heard from clients and friends that they were making time to be outside, exercise more, and/or go for a walk.

I have to say though that I didn’t have a clue about what the best walking shoes were because I never really walked. I used to run marathons and jog but never walked.

And so began my quest…to find a few of the best walking shoes.

I started my quest last year when we decided to rent an RV and do some traveling around California and then sometime in August I decided to walk 5 miles every day for 30 days. Crazy I know, but it was a nice change of pace. Along the way I tried out several brands of shoes and these were my top 3 faves.

FuelCore NERGIZE by New Balance
Ultra Boost 20 by Adidas
Tokyo Sneaker by Vionic

The FuelCore NERGIZE by New Balance is on the top of my list of the best walking shoes because came with my on my RV trip and I loved them so much I purchased a second pair before I even made it home. They are light-weight, have a soft stretch to them, so they fit my wide feet, and they happen to be stylish enough for me to throw on with a pair of jeans while I run errands around town.

The Ultra Boost 20 by Adidas have a higher price tag but they are lightweight, sleek, provide support, and are stylish which is always important.

Last but not least on my list of the best walking shoes is the Tokyo Sneaker by Vionic. It comes in several colors, provides great support, are available at a lower price point, and come in medium and wide widths.

Keep in mind if you are walking 2-3+ miles every day you should invest in new shoes each year if not sooner. Just like everything else the daily wear and tear cuts into the support and comfort.

Wishing you many happy miles on your journey to better health or just moving your body and getting outside.