One of the biggest struggles I hear from clients is trying on clothes is frustrating and confusing. Most women give up before they start because shopping can be super stressful so many women stick with what’s in their closet even though the items don’t fit or feel stylish.

There is no longer a “standard” sizing system. One size in one brand will fit and the same size in another brand won’t fit. I am sure you are very aware of this and the struggle is real. So, I thought I would visit my local Talbot’s store for a “Talbot’s Try On” and share how a few of their pieces fit. For reference I am approximately 5 ft. 4 in. tall, a size 16, and wear an XL in most tops. What I tried on and how it fit:

⚜️ Cotton Button Front Shirt in Zebra – lightweight and fit perfectly in an XL
⚜️ Twill Field Jacket – fit nicely in an XL and was a nice weight fabric
⚜️ Embroidered Bateau Neck Stripe top – fit big, size XL, arms were long, heavy weight fabric
⚜️ Diamond Quilted Vest – fit nicely in an XL, a little long, high collar, night weight fabric
⚜️ Everyday relaxed jeans – Size 16 were big and baggy
⚜️ Pleated Shoulder Merino Sweater – lightweight, XL fit well, soft and comfortable
⚜️ Long Blazer in Foliage Plaid – Size 16, LONG, nice weight fabric and a great print (too long for me)
⚜️ Plaid Cotton Button Shirt – size XL, fit well, soft fabric, lightweight

As you can see from my “Talbot’s Try On,” some items fit well, a few were too long in the arms and torso, and others were too big and baggy. Sometimes you have to try items on to see how they fit, literally and figuratively. For example, some items from the “Talbot’s Try On” fit my body but once I had them on I decided they were not really my style. I didn’t feel authentic in them or confident so they didn’t come home with me. In fact, the only item I loved and kept was the Cotton Button Front Shirt in the Zebra print. It fit well, is lightweight, it’s a fun print, and I can wear it year round. I also know I can make at least three to four different outfits using other pieces I have in my closet.

If you are not sure where to start or where to shop please feel free to reach out. I am here to help. Book a call by clicking here.