Style Tip – Jacket/Cardigan

Here is a quick style hack that I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago and I decided I needed to expand upon it and share it with all my fabulous clients!

If you don’t already have one…Go out and find yourself a great jacket, cardigan or puffer vest and it will change your look! You would be amazed at how a simple piece can change the look of your outfit along with how you feel! We all know that when you feel good in your skin you’re going to glow and of course look good! Before you go, check to see what colors are in your closet and ask yourself what colors would coordinate. You also want to make sure you find the right size!

A few years ago I was shopping with my BFF and she kept trying on tops that were WAY to big for her. After trying on at least 5 different tops she came to the conclusion she didn’t like the way any of them looked. I laugh and then told her the reason she didn’t like any of the tops was they were way too big for her! They didn’t fit her body at all. I asked her why she was trying on clothes that were too big for her and she explained that she was uncomfortable and self conscious about her muffin top. 

Hello!?! How many of us are sensitive about our muffin top?!! Essentially almost everyone I know! Almost every woman has some part of her body she is not comfortable with on any given day. She also mentioned that she didn’t like tops that were too clingy.  Can you relate to this??  I can, and I really believe at some point we have all picked a “loose” fitting top because we felt bloated, too big, the jeans were too tight, etc… We have all felt that way at one time or another.

So here is my easy fix!  Invest in a couple of jackets, cardigans, and/or puffer vests that fit you, your style, and your budget. You don’t need one of each just find one (or two) that fit your lifestyle.  I had my BFF try on a top in the right size and then we found her a few cardigans (in the right size) that she pair with the tops! Voíla! Suddenly my BFF had a small capsule wardrobe that she could mix and match with what she had at home AND she wasn’t self conscious about the muffin top. That’s a win in my book!