Over the last few years, I noticed that my skin has gone through some drastic changes. Some of the changes I have noticed are that it’s dryer, tighter, and I have more sun spots and fine lines.  I am not really worried about the lines, I earned those, but the dryness and tightness have been especially challenging. For some time now I have been trying new skin care products that will help my skin glow again.

In my search for a new skin care routine, I came across Herbs of Kedem. The company is based in Israel and their products use medicinal plants of the Judean Desert and include Dead Sea minerals.  The best part is they use their own special recipes, are certified organic, and are available online.  In my quest for skin that glows again, I used Agam, Meshi, and Tsukim in my new daily skin care routine.

In the morning and evening, I used Agam which is an eye and lip contour serum that targets dark circles and delicate and dry skin under the eyes. The serum is very moisturizing and has a subtle scent with hints of rose and cucumber. I used the serum twice a day under my eyes and found my skin became much more supple in only one week.  I also noticed that my eyes were less puffy in the morning.

After applying Agam, I used Meshi which is a nourishing and regenerating serum. I used it twice a day all over my face and found the hints of citrus and coconut refreshing. At first, I was unsure if it would be too much moisture for my skin but each morning and night my skin absorbed every drop. My skin absorbed every drop of the special blend of oils found in Meshi and I went from having skin that was dry and tight to having skin that glows again.

The last step in my new skin care routine is using Tsukim. Tsukim, is a lifting and toning balm that I applied on my forehead and around my mouth since those tend to be the driest areas on my face and where I experience the most fine lines.

This last step in my new routine was very beneficial and I especially enjoyed the slight lavender scent. I found that my face was truly moisturized and as a result my fine lines were less noticeable.

Trying these new skin care products by Herbs of Kedem was exciting, enlightening, and so beneficial for my skin.  My skin absorbed the new products every day and the end result was healthier looking skin that glows again. You can find them at https://lp.biokedem.com/ or on Instagram @biokedem