How do you feel about shorts? Do you wear them often, sometimes, rarely or never?
My clients fall into all of the above.

No matter what category you’re in there are a plethora of choices for you.

You can choose…

  • a longer short (6-8 inch inseam)
  • a shorter short (3-4 inch inseam)
  • curvy style
  • slim fitted style
  • loose and boho style

Depending on where you live your “shorts” season could vary but as it starts to warm up they can be a “go to” wardrobe staple. You can choose cotton twill, denim, or linen and any of them can be mixed and matched easily.

Your shorts can be a “go to” basic piece in your wardrobe if you choose shorts in a color and/or style that you can easily mix and match with tops that you already have in your closet.

Think about pairing your shorts with every day classic pieces like a button down top, a linen top, or with a t-shirt and blazer or even a cardigan for a more dressed up look.

Mix and match your shorts with a tank top, a camisole, or flowy boho top for a more casual look.

Whichever way you choose to wear your shorts they can breathe new life into your wardrobe. Also, don’t be afraid to pair them with a short wedge or heel for a fun flair of color and style.

If by some chance you count yourself in the rarely or never group you are not alone. Some of my clients worry their legs are too short, too long, too untanned, too “wrinkly,” etc… I remind them that when they walk in a room no one is looking at their legs, they are looking at their beautiful face AND… they earned those legs! Your legs have carried you your life time. They are strong. You are strong! Show them off!

If you would like more helpful tips on shorts, mixing and matching what’s in your closet or other help feel free to reach out and schedule a style strategy session. I’m here for YOU!