Can shoes make the outfit? Yes! Absolutely they can make an outfit.  

Recently, I went in search of a basic black heel. Keep in mind, I am not able to wear anything more than a 1″ heel and I wasn’t looking for a flat shoe because I am short and sometimes need to add height.

I entered the store in search of a black heel and came out of the store with a cute red pump. It was simple yet classic and I knew the shoes would add an accent to any outfit I decided to pair it with. 

Think about it. If you have a casual black dress and you pair it with a pair of heels you will end up dress up the outfit a little. If you were to wear the same black dress with a pair of sneakers then the outfit would be causal. Maybe you decide to pair it with a pair of booties or leopard loafers, then it’s up to you if you’re going with a dressed up or casual look. By simply changing the shoes you are wearing with the one outfit you instantly change the style and mood of the outfit.

Some clients I work with only have one “work” shoe and one “casual” shoe because they thought it would be easier. I convinced them that shoes can carry over from work to casual and vice versa plus having more shoe options give you more outfits options.

When it comes to shoes and outfits I like to keep my options open! How about you? Are you a shoe gal? Think about pairing a casual shoe with a more dressy outfit and a dressy shoe with a more casual outfit.  See how it changes the look and let me know what you think.