What you’re wearing and how you’re showing up be costing you money. Not convinced? Research shows that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. Your personal style and brand can impact your professional and personal image.  How you show up for yourself can also determine how others show up for you whether you are an executive, in corporate, management, or an entrepreneur. Creating a personal brand can help set you apart and stand out.

Now you might be thinking, “well, I am in corporate so that doesn’t apply to me.” I am going to challenge that idea. I believe it absolutely does and there was an article in Fortune Magazine and the headline was “Your personal brand is crucial for your next promotion and raise.” You create a personal brand so you stand out and the article was spot on. The article also shared how you show up can be linked to your confidence, leadership, promotions, raises and more.

In my experience, when you don’t show up as your best self, you are leaving money on the table. In fact, when you don’t get up and “get dressed” in real clothes you’re more likely to be less productive.  When you don’t have a personal brand you are potentially not standing out. That could mean that you are potentially losing out on…

  • One client a month
  • Several clients a year
  • Leadership roles
  • Promotions
  • Collaborations on projects

What does that look like for you if you multiply that by twelve months?  Or, you can create a personal brand which can help you show up authentically.  When you show up authentically you are more likely to connect with new people and build new relationships which leads to the know, like, and trust factor.  When you create a personal brand it makes you more memorable which in turn helps create customer awareness and greater sales.

I work with clients to help them create a personal brand, dress for success, get more clients, and be unforgettable.  If you have questions reach out. I am here to help.