As the seasons change, many people have a natural urge to declutter and rejuvenate their surroundings. It can also be a time for renewal or a fresh start. The need for something new can often extend beyond tidying up physical spaces and reassessing one’s wardrobe. Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting shelves; it can be about taking stock of your life and making room for growth. It can be a great time to embrace something new and to let go of pieces that no longer align with who you are.

This time of year, clients often seek pieces that provide a fresh perspective or give their wardrobe new life. As the seasons change, it’s understandable to reassess since you are not the same person you were ten, five, or two years ago. It’s also a great time to ask yourself if the pieces in your closet match who you are now, who you want to be in two or five years, or if they align with an old version of you. Clients are reaching out, and they are ready for something new and fresh. While they are unsure of what new is or looks like, they know they are ready for it.

As the seasons change, it’s a great time to scan your closet for pieces you have not worn. Often, when I go through this process with clients, they realize they are holding onto items not because they plan to wear them but because they hold memories and represent a version of themselves in the past. It’s a great time to let go of the old version of yourself and who you were and leave room and space for something new or someone new.

When I guide clients through their closets, they commonly unearth pieces they have not worn in years. The pieces often don’t fit or align with who they are. They are merely relics of their past selves. Letting go of these pieces is not only a shift, but it can also be a symbolic release of outdated identities, paving the way for new beginnings-someone and something new.

Change is inevitable, both personally and professionally. You are meant to learn, grow and thrive in life and in business and your wardrobes can and should reflect those changes. When going through your closet, remember that even if a garment still fits, it may not align with the person you’ve become or the person you want to be. By parting with the past, you create space for the present-and future-versions of yourself. This process is not just about clothes; it’s about validating and understanding a new you. Give yourself permission to step into your next level of brilliance.

I challenge you to assess what you have and look closely at your closet. Are there pieces that no longer feel authentic or make you feel confident? If so, it may be time to bid them farewell. Donate them to a shelter or organization that helps women in need-someone out there will appreciate them far more than you do. As you say goodbye to the old, embrace the opportunity to be ready for something new-not just in terms of clothing but also in your mindset.

Life is too short to wear clothes that don’t make you feel amazing. Wear what ignites your passion and empowers you, and release the rest. If you are ready for something new or need a little more motivation, check out my quick and easy 5-Day Challenge to Clean Out Your Closet, which costs less than $30, or my free 30-Day Challenge to Clean Out Your Closet. As always, I am here to help. Feel free to reach out for help if you need it.