I catch up with a good friend weekly and we recently laughed out loud when we talked about all the diets, programs, and “plans” we have tried over the years. Our friendship actually grew from being accountability partners while we counted miles, steps, calories, and more.   That same friend is entering the new year over twenty pounds slimmer and has found a program that works for her. She is starting off the new year as the same person but a healthier version of herself.

I am super excited for her and all the changes that come with losing weight but the reality is this new program worked because she was ready for a change.  The truth is, we now realize, all the programs, plans, and diets we collectively tried over the years “worked” when we were committed and ready for a change.

I know this to be true, even when working with clients. The clients who experience the greatest success were ready for a change. The reality is, you have to be ready, committed, and “all in” no matter what the goal or desired end game.

I keep hearing …

  • new you
  • new trends
  • new goals

If you are ready for a change go for it but I want to keep it real and remind you that you are amazing and beautiful the way you are.  You don’t have to be trendy or have trendy clothes to look and feel great. You don’t have to set goals to lose weight before you buy new clothes and feel fabulous.  You don’t have to wait until you’re a certain size before you live your life and have clothes that you feel confident in.

If you are ready for a change great but you are worthy now, just as you are.

If you need help letting go of what’s not working, finding clothes that fit the body you have now, or need some inspirations so you can look good, feel good and have confidence reach out. I am here to help.