When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone with your style?

Have you tried wearing a top with print or a pattern?

For years I didn’t wear any tops with a print or pattern because I was told that they weren’t flattering on “big” gals. Well you know what?! I don’t believe that any more and NOW I know better! 

Tops with a print or pattern can look great on all shapes and sizes! I believe they’re actually quite amazing because they have more than one color or focal point making them easier to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Plus, depending on the pattern you can draw the eye towards your best asset and/or away from an area you’re not comfortable with. 

Not sure where to start?? Start with a small print that has a base color that is flattering on you. If you pick a print with multiple colors, like a floral pattern, you can mix and match the top with other pieces already in your wardrobe, such as a blazer, a cardigan, and/or a scarf. You can also pick a simple pattern that draws the eye to a flattering feature! These tops can become versatile pieces in your wardrobe any time of year. 

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