Have you ever heard of the phenomenon known as “enclothed cognition?” Something as simple as getting dressed for work, even if you’re staying at home, can impact your productivity, mood, and overall confidence.

I recently read an article sharing various ways to be more productive when working from home. It listed time management techniques, the importance of a dedicated workspace, tips to avoid being distracted, and more. The article didn’t list getting up and getting dressed in work clothes. Research shows that what we wear can play a crucial role in influencing our psychological processes and behavior. It may be hard to believe, but spending the day in pjs, sweats, and athleisure wear can have a negative impact on your productivity, sales, leadership, and more.

As a wardrobe stylist working with clients across the US, Canada, and the UK, I witness powerful transformations every year when I give clients the No Legging Challenge. Even though some of my clients work from home, getting up and putting on real clothes can be a game-changer.

Research around “enclothed cognition” suggests our clothes can impact our decision-making and negotiating skills and influence confidence and competence. Studies show when you wear professional attire, it can correlate with enhanced productivity.

There is power in what you wear and it’s not about spending a certain amount of money or wearing certain brands, it’s about how your clothing choices make you feel internally. When my clients participate in the No Legging Challenge, they consistently report increased confidence and a noticeable boost in their ability to get things done.

Clients seek me out because they are ready to “feel” better, got promoted, moved into a leadership role, want to show up as experts, and more. Updating what you wear and finding your style is a practical strategy to maximize your potential. By intentionally choosing real clothes over athleisure wear, you signal to your brain that it’s time to shift into a more focused and productive mindset.

So, are you getting up and putting on real clothes today, even if you don’t  plan to leave your home? Consider trying the No Legging Challenge this coming week, and let me know what positive impact you experience. Try it for a day or two during the week, and let me know if getting dressed has an effect and if you find yourself feeling more confident, productive, or something else. What you wear may be your secret weapon to elevate your work-from-home experience.