Do you have “one offs” in your closet that frustrate you? Wish you could mix and match them?

What’s a “one off” you ask?  It’s the…

  • item you would love to wear but have no idea what to pair it with
  • piece that you got on sale but it goes with nothing in your closet
  • item that you only wear with one other piece in your closet

Do you wish you could mix and match, or pair, all those “one off” pieces into new outfits?  While working with clients I help them mix and match pieces they already have and give suggestions on new ways to wear them.

It’s like shopping in your own closet! My clients who used to feel as though they had a closet full of stuff, where nothing fit or went together, and dreaded getting dressed are suddenly excited to get dressed in their new found outfits.

Three ideas to help you mix and match those “one offs” pieces in your closest is to try mixing and matching with a:

  • neutral color like camel, ivory, grey, navy or black
  • bright contrasting color
  • pair it with a common color in the print (if it’s a print and has multiple colors in it)
  • layer under or over another piece to create a new look

Creating new outfits by mixing and matching pieces you already have is a great way to save money and create the feeling of a refreshed wardrobe.  Are you ready to create a wardrobe you love and be excited to get dressed again?  Ready to maximize what you have?

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