Look Good for Less

You can look good for less and it can be easy when you have every day essentials…Do you have them? Know what they are? If you google “Capsule Wardrobe” you will find a plethora of videos and links telling you what a capsule wardrobe looks like. 

Honestly, depending on your work and lifestyle your everyday essentials can vary. Also, keep in mind if you live in a place with weather and seasons you may need more essentials than if you live in California (where it’s sunny year round). A few essential pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe are: 

  • shell or t-shirt
  • button down
  • cardigan
  • jacket
  • sweater
  • pair of dark wash jeans
  • pair of slacks or a skirt
  • dress
  • variety of shoes that meet your needs (heels, boots, flats, sneakers, etc)

Find everyday pieces on sale and then splurge on key pieces that will carry you through season after season. For example, a classic blazer is timeless. Finding essentials at a great price can be easier if you know what you need and have patience. Here is an easy trick: go to the sites you like to shop at and sign up for emails and newsletters. Often times companies will notify you when there is sales or they will give you a coupon if you’re shopping for the first time. 

Looking good for less can be easier when you know exactly what you need/want. Log into your account at your store of choice and put the items you want in your cart then walk away from the computer! Often times when you leave items in your cart and don’t purchase them right away the company will send you a reminder email with a coupon to purchase at a discount! You can also check out gently used sites like PoshMark that offer gently used items at a huge discount.

Another way to save money is to make every day items look new by adding an accessory like a statement earring or necklace. Adding accessories shifts the focus off of your outfit to the jewelry. No one will remember that you wore the same top last week! They will remember how fabulous you looked! Check out the Stella & Dot website for bling that will take you from casual to professional or glam! 

Mix and match your essential pieces to easily create different outfits. Your pieces can have a pattern or be a solid, if you don’t wear skirts then pick a nice pair of capri pants or slacks. You want to find items that work for you and your lifestyle. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good and feel good. Need help? Don’t know where to start? Contact me at elisa@stylishcurvygirl.com or check out my new website www.turnkeystyle.com