I was supposed to be small. While growing up, I always heard, “She would be so pretty if she lost weight.” Life would be easier if I were thinner, smaller. For years, I believed certain styles were off-limits to me. Limiting beliefs limited what I could and couldn’t wear. When I hit my forties, I had an AHA moment in my closet and realized I would wear what fit and what I loved.

While working with clients, I see various limiting beliefs, and it’s a joy to work with each client to help them let go of those limiting beliefs. We work together to find pieces that work with their body and lifestyle. You don’t need to reach a perfect size or weight before you wear the..

  • white jeans
  • little black dress
  • stripes
  • _______ (fill in the blank)

What limiting beliefs do you have? What are you not wearing because you are not ___ size? I am here to remind you that you don’t have to wait, until you reach your ideal weight or size, to wear the outfit. While you wait, life and opportunity pass you by. You miss out on opportunities to express yourself authentically.

For some clients, their limiting belief has nothing to do with their weight or size and everything to do with their idea of what they can and can not wear. For example, years ago, I had a client who didn’t like her legs, so she didn’t wear dresses. Here was a woman with a physique that many would consider exceptional, and yet there was a limiting belief they shouldn’t wear dresses.

Another limiting belief about clothes is, “I’m ___ age, so I shouldn’t wear ___. I’m too old for that.” The list goes on and on of beliefs people have about what they should and shouldn’t wear or what’s acceptable and what’s not.

You change over time, styles change, and honestly, the rules have changed. Today is as good a time as any to challenge your limiting beliefs about clothes and what you should and shouldn’t wear. Instead, rewrite your style story and wear what you love. You are worth more than a number on a scale, clothing size, or age. You are worthy of feeling confident and empowered in your style journey right now, wherever you’re at.

Style transcends numbers; it’s about embracing who you are in this moment and celebrating your unique beauty and personality. There is no perfect time to start. Your life is happening now, and you deserve to feel fabulous every step of the way.

By embracing your style and letting go of restrictive and limiting beliefs, you open yourself to a world of self-expression and empowerment. Finding your style can be about showing up authentically, embracing who you are now, finding ways to stand out, and having new confidence so you shine from within.

Today is the day to let go of your limiting beliefs around clothes and celebrate you and your journey, one stylish step at a time. Reach out, I am. here to help. Book a Style Inspo Session by clicking HERE.