For years, I have helped women of all ages and sizes clean out their closets and I hear over and over that they are afraid they will have nothing left when we are done. I find this odd because it tells me they don’t love the clothes in their closet and/or nothing fits. I am happy to report that after years of doing Closet Edit Sessions this has never happened.  

I guide my clients to let go of what’s not working for them and when that happens they find they are also letting go what is weighing them down and holding them back. Looking pulled together is important for my clients but they struggle to find clothes that look stylish, feel amazing and reflect their personal style. Here is the kicker! Sometimes you have to let go of what’s not working for you so that you can be open to finding what works. 

So I ask you…Is your closet full of stuff but nothing fits or goes together? Is getting dresses a dreadful experience? Women often get stuck in a rut when it comes to their wardrobe and they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

I have clients try on the pieces they are unsure about and inevitably it’s clear to see which pieces:

  • fit 
  • they feel confident in 
  • are oversized and ill fitting

We tend to hang onto pieces that don’t fit, are outdated, and don’t go with anything because we “might” wear it, fit into it, or find out it’s back in style.  After trying pieces on, it’s clear to my clients what they need to let go of, what’s not working, and what timeless pieces they might add so they can be ready for any occasion.

For example, during a Closet Edit Session, a client tried on several skirts that she had not worn in years and after trying them on discussing why she wasn’t wearing them she decided she could let go of what was not working for her. She realized that her style had simply changed and wearing those skirts was not who she wanted to be anymore. Sometimes your style simply changes just as you change over the years. 

Are you ready to let go of what’s not working? I work with clients to help them go from frumpy to fabulous by replacing outdated outfits with timeless pieces that can be easily coordinated to wear for any occasion. Reach out via email, phone, or text. I am here to help.