New Year Better You

How to tackle your clothes and closet so that you love getting dressed in the morning. Think of your closet as valuable real estate. Everything has value and should always be ready for an open house.

To start you need to asses your closet. Can you clearly see what you are wearing on a regular basis and what you are not? If you are not able to see what you wear on a regular basis then every time you wear something turn your hanger around when you put it back. After 30 days you will have a clear picture of what you are wearing and what you are not.

When you know what you are NOT wearing pull out those pieces and ask yourself the following:

Does it need to be tailored?

You are not in love with it anymore/You don’t like the way you feel in it?

It doesn’t fit/You are going to wear it when you lose 5-10 lbs?

Someone gave it to you (your mom, your sister, etc…)?

You only wear it for special occasions?

If it needs to be tailored that can be an easy fix. Find a tailor (Yelp/Google) and plan to take it in within the next 2 weeks. If 2 weeks comes and goes ask yourself do I love it? If no, then it needs to go! Remember, it’s taking up valuable real estate in your closet.

Do you love it? How does it make you feel? Those two questions are really one. When you put it on do you love the way you look in it? Do you feel good in it? Do you like the way it feels on your skin? No? Time for it to go! Ask yourself, is it a basic piece, an accent piece, an every day piece? Does it need to be replaced? Do you need it in a different size/color? You should look good and feel good in what you are wearing everyday.

It does NOT fit and you’re going to wear it when you lose “X” pounds. These pieces can be the hardest to let go of. You got it because you loved it but it doesn’t fit anymore (or never fit). It’s fabulous yes but you’re NOT wearing it and it’s taking up valuable space in your closest. You need a piece you LOVE that FITS your body right now so when you get dressed in the morning it’s not a feeling of dread but joy. Plus, when you lose “X” pounds you are going to want to treat yourself to something new!

Your mom, sister, BFF, etc…gave it to you so you can’t let it go. They would be hurt. I get it but ask yourself the above questions first. Can it be tailored? Do you love it? Does it fit? The reality is whoever gave it to you wants you to love it, feel good in it, and wear it. If that’s not happening it is time to let it go.

If you only wear something for special occasions…why? Can you wear it more often? Eons ago when my kids were in pre-school there was a little girl who came in fancy dresses every week. I asked the mom why she would send her to school in them only to have them get stained or dirty. She said she would rather her daughter enjoyed them and wear them than put them away in the closet where she would only wear them occasionally and then grow out of them. Plus she loved seeing the smile on her daughters face when she got dressed in the morning.

I know some of our outfits for special occasions are not always appropriate for everyday wear but why not wear those outfits you are saving? Would it be so awful if we sparkled, shined, and smiled a little more when we got dressed in the morning?

Letting go of clothes that cost us money or were gifts can be difficult. I remind myself that there are always women in my community that can use them. Women in transition, women who have lost jobs, are re-entering the workforce, are single moms, starting over, the list goes on and on. Donate the clothes hanging in your closet (not being worn for one reason or another) to a local shelter, Goodwill, or other donation center so another woman can love them, wear them, and feel good in them.