Investing in yourself is really important if you want to grow, evolve, and get better, no matter what area of your life you’re working on. I know women who invest in life coaches, their businesses, their children, spouses, parents and more but when I ask them if they have a budget for their clothes it’s silence.

Investing in yourself by purchasing new clothes can be a game changer and it doesn’t have to be all at once.  How often do you invest in yourself by purchasing new clothes?

  • 1x a month
  • 1x a quarter
  • 1x a year

I know it may sound crazy to think about buying clothes once a month or once a quarter but what I know is that we change, grow, and evolve all the time. Even though your clothes fit you literally it doesn’t mean they still “fit” you figuratively.

Investing in yourself can be an important part of you having and finding new confidence. When you wear pieces that fit the body you have now, that you feel confident in, you are more likely to have a better self image, go after your dreams, give back, and take more risks. Making simple tweaks and changes can have big effects on your everyday life.

Who you are today can be very different from the person you were two years, five years, or ten years ago. When I work with clients I sometimes hear things like BUT…

  • it still fits
  • I spent a lot of money on it
  • I used to wear it all the time

Investing in yourself may look different every month, quarter, or year but I am here to remind you that it’s okay to invest in new clothes, a little at a time. Look for pieces that fit who you are now and think about mixing and matching the new pieces with some of your old ones.

I recently invested in a few new items from M.M. LaFleur and I mixed and matched the new pieces (Rowley Skirt, Nora Top & knit top) with older pieces in my closet. You can find new pieces that work for you and your budget at the stores you are comfortable shopping at. I shopped with this brand because they make high quality clothes that last and are easy to care for.

If you are not sure how or where to start investing in yourself, reach out. I am here to help.