When I was a kid I was what you might consider a plus size kid but that term didn’t exist so I was referred to as “chubby,” “chunky,” or “big boned.” Really, all I wanted was to be one of the thin, beautiful, and popular girls. Thankfully, when I hit forty I found my inner awesomeness and realized that I could be one of the “pretty” gals AND be chubby.  I also realized that style is not a size. I simply had to decide I was worth it. My mission is to share that message with women everywhere and help them find their inner awesomeness. I want women to know they can look good, feel beautiful, and have confidence no matter what size, age, or number on the scale.

Recently, I received a great email from a past client who reinforced this very idea.  After working together this client shared how she was more accepting of her size and shape and that she realized she can look good, as she is. She also shared that she found some vintage clothes and jewelry, at a discount, that she truly loves. When she goes out to run errands or meet with clients she receives numerous compliments on her looks.  This client is the perfect example of when you wear clothes you love and feel confident in you will shine bright. Her inner awesomeness started to shine through. 

Keep in mind, this client didn’t lose any weight nor did she go out and spend a lot of money on clothes, accessories, or jewels. What she did do is shift how she thought of herself and her body. She shifted her ideas of what she could wear and she realized that how she dressed every day had a direct effect on how she felt.  Once she made that shift her confidence in herself changed and she shined. She found her inner awesomeness.

As many of you know, I believe, personal styling is more than a wardrobe haul. It’s a total transformation that introduces you to your awesomeness. The one that is ready to take more risks for her dreams. This client was a perfect example of that.  Are you ready to find your inner awesomeness? It’s in there. I promise.  You may have to dig a little but once you find it you can’t help but shine.

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