I love having color in my wardrobe but my clients are not always ready to jump on the “wearing color” bandwagon. However, once I show them how easy it can be to add and wear color they are usually game to listen on how to wear color.  I wanted to share some ways to wear spring colors for 2021 and how to incorporate those pieces into your wardrobe.

There are approximately ten new colors for Spring 2021 and if you include the core neutral classics there are fifteen. The colors are marigold, cerulean, rust, illuminating, french blue, green ash, burnt coral, mint, amethyst orchid and raspberry sorbet.  I always encourage clients to look for items they can wear for more than one season so my top five favorite colors are french blue, marigold, illuminating, amethyst orchid, and rust. I love these colors because you would be able to easily wear the Spring colors and mix and match the pieces when fall colors come out and the seasons change.

How to wear Spring colors can be easy when you pick 3 colors and add them to what you already have. For instance, you could easily pair a top in french blue, marigold, or amethyst orchid with jeans or cream colored, navy or black slacks. You could also easily pair these colors with a cream, grey, denim, or navy skirt.

If you prefer to wear tops with the colors illuminating, rust or mint you could easily pair them with denim, black, cream or navy.  If these colors are too bold for you try looking for prints that have these colors and then pair them with the core classics: inkwell, ultimate gray, buttercream, desert mist, and willow.

Another way to wear spring colors is to try a pair of pants or skirt in coral, raspberry, or cerulean and then pair with a core classic neutral or another bold color like french blue, or Amethyst Orchid.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. If you would like to learn more or have questions please feel free to reach out via email, text, or book a complimentary style session.