I work with my clients to help them go from frustrated to fabulous by replacing outdated outfits with timeless pieces that can be easily coordinated to wear for any occasion.  One of the biggest struggles I hear from clients is they are unsure how to pair pieces together to create new outfits. I try and make it easy by helping them find versatile classic pieces.

A versatile classic piece, like a camel sweater, can be a great way to expand your wardrobe. A camel, or any lightweight neutral color sweater is a piece that you can mix and match from fall through spring, depending of course on where you live and what the weather is like.

One of my favorite neutral colors is camel and it’s my favorite because I can pair it with so many colors.  For example, you can pair a camel sweater with almost every color but my top faves are navy, black, white, red, and olive.  Not only can you wear a camel sweater with almost every color it’s also a great neutral piece that can be worn in a variety of outfits. 

Here are my top five ways to wear a camel sweater: 

  • Camel sweater with jeans, a black blazer, and a pair of heels 
  • Camel sweater with a midi skirt, booties, and a belt
  • Camel sweater over a button down shirt, black pants/jeans, and a loafer
  • Camel sweater with a pencil skirt and blazer for a suit look 
  • Camel sweater layered with a utility jacket and paired with chino pants 

These are just a few ways I like to wear a camel sweater from fall, through winter and into spring. If you don’t have a camel sweater think about swapping it out with a navy, ivory, olive or black sweater.  Pick any neutral color and start mixing and matching. 

If looking pulled together is important to you but you struggle to find clothes that look stylish, feel amazing, and reflect your personal style reach out. I am here to help.