This past week it was pouring rain, humid, and 80 degrees outside. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear but needed to quickly head out the door so I threw on my “trusty” black top, a pair of favorite jeans, and my boots. I call it my “trusty” black top because even though it’s old, it looks like new, it’s a great fabric, is lightweight and it fits perfectly. I would consider it one of my go to basics. As the seasons start to change now is a good time to assess what pieces you may need to let go of and what pieces you may need/want to add to expand your wardrobe.

While I normally wear bright colors or some combination of navy and white I also believe having a good black top can be a game changer and it may help you expand your wardrobe.
I consider a black top an essential basic in your wardrobe. If you don’t have a black top no worries. You can swap it out for navy, grey, white, or camel. It’s a neutral that goes with almost anything. 
Here are some ways you can wear a black top and expand your wardrobe:

Black top with …

  • blue or black jeans
  • skirt (denim, cord, suede, animal print)
  • green, white, gold, or camel pants

You can even take it a notch further and layer it with a…

  • blazer (black, white, camel)
  • cardigan (gold, camel, grey)
  • field jacket (tan, green, white)
  • moto or denim jacket

Pairing your black top with these pieces is a great way to expand your wardrobe. If you don’t have these pieces, don’t worry, you can use what you have. For example, swap out the cord skirt for a denim skirt or cotton skirt. Swap out the green pants for white or navy.  No moto jacket, no worries, wear it alone or use a short cardigan, a denim, field, or cropped jacket. You can also add a fun accessory like a belt or fun shoe. All of the little additions can change the focal point and the overall look of the outfit.

As always, I hope you can use the suggestions as inspiration to use what you have in your closet and create new looks. If you need help or are ready to make a change please reach out. I am here to help. You can book a complimentary Style Inspo Session by using this link.