If you were to be a superhero who would pick? This morning I gave a presentation at a networking group and it started off with everyone sharing their favorite super hero and why.  The more I thought about it the more I realized that we can truly be our own superhero every day by choosing the right outfits.

A superhero, with or without a cape, is often viewed as a symbol of empowerment and heroism. When some of the attendees at our meeting shared their favorite superhero they also typically mentioned traits like strength and courage. When we dress for success, in a power suit or outfit, it can be like putting on a cape as a superhero. Studies show there is a psychological aspect that can impact the persons mindset and perception when we put on certain clothing. It’s called “enclothed cognition,” which basically means there is a correlation between how certain clothing can Impact us mentally.  I hear from clients, after working together, that they feel more confident and are more likely to lead with authority when dressed for success. By dressing for success they unveiled the superhero within.

When a superhero puts on their superhero outfit or cape it can sometimes give them super strength, abilities, and powers. Similarly, when you put on a power outfit, studies show it can effect your critical thinking skills, sales and negotiation skills, as well as your confidence. In fact, a recent Forbes article mentioned that, “the researchers found that when we feel good about how we look, we perform better in our work.”

Superheroes all have different and very distinctive outfits that make them memorable for a variety of reasons. The same is true when you have great outfits or a great style.  You can truly establish a strong professional identity, be more memorable, and stand out amongst the professionals in your field when you dress for success and unveil the superhero within.

My favorite superhero was always Wonder Woman. She somehow always managed to commanded attention and authority even though she was a women and I loved the special lasso. Who wouldn’t love a magic lasso?  When you dress for success in a power suit or outfit, and unveil the superhero within, you instantly command attention and authority. Time after time, I have heard from clients that after working together co-workers and loved ones comment how on they are suddenly showing up differently. Think of how Superman and Wonder Woman stand…It’s literally what we think of as a power pose. What if that could be you, everyday?

While superheroes only exist in the movies and cartoons, your clothes can truly have an impact on your mental health, your productivity, confidence, sales, and more. Finding your style can be like finding your inner superhero.  I believe there is a superhero in all of us.  If you are ready to dress for success and want to unveil the superhero within reach out.

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